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Using Siwak


Cleaning the teeth is one thing that asked by Rasulullah (pbuh) to be done by the muslim. Rasulullah (pbuh) mentioned this matter in hadith as follows:

“Use the siwaak for indeed it purifies the mouth and pleasing to
the lord. Each time Jibril has come to me, he has enjoined me to
employ the siwak to the point that I feared that it would become
obligatory upon my nation and me. If I did not fear that it would
come difficult for my nation, I would have obligated its use upon
them and indeed I employ the siwak to the point that I fear that
my front teeth would be uprooted.”

For that, as a muslim we should apply this instruction in our daily life.

Siwaak in Islam and it advantages

What is siwaak in Islam? The following hadith will give explanation about the meaning of siwaak . Rasulullah (pbuh) said:

“The bath of Friday is obligatory on those who attained
Puberty and (also cleaning of their teeth with) the siwaak
(toothbrush taken from the twigs of the’Arak or other tree)
and use the perfume if available.”

Clearly the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) tell the nation what is siwaak actually. In Islam, siwak is the toothbrush taken from the twigs of the ‘Arak or other tree. This tooth brush is used when cleaning the teeth and it is one of the purification in Islam like ablution. It is a sunnah of the prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

From the research there are a lot of advantages when applying the siwaak in cleaning the teeth. One of the advantage is to keep the teeth clean all the time particularly when we are going to perform the prayer. We will see God in a good condition. Otherwise, with siwaak it will lead mind to be thinking effectively and this is something good for a student in order to facing their daily study and also for the career person. Siwak also can avoid the bad smelly when the mouth emits an odor. Odor from the mouth will make people not comfortable to communicate with other people, so siwaak will resolve the problem and make people confident when facing other people.

How to use the Siwaak?

As mentioned previously, siwaak is used in cleaning the teeth. Then we have to know how to use use the siwaak. It should be use by these ways:

Wash the siwaak before and after using it.
Moistened with water prior to use. Preferable to moisten it with rose water.
Siwaak should be held with the small finger and thumb, below the toothbrush and the remaining fingers on its upper side.
Should be used at least thrice (brush three times) for each section of the mouth.
Should not be used while one is lying down.
Siwaak should not be used in the toilet.
Siwaak should be placed vertically when not in use.

The characteristics of the Siwaak

The recommended types of siwaak are walnut tree, peelo tree, bitam, olive or zaitoon or any bitter tree. As Islam ask the followers to clean the teeth there are the characteristics for the siwaak :

It should be taken from the ‘Arak or other bitter tree.
Straight twig, devoid of roughness.
Clean siwaak.
Not too hard and not too soft.
Approximately 8 inches in length.
Should be the thickness of the forefinger.
Not be taken from an unknown tree as it may be poisonous.

When cleaning the teeth is applied?

Siwak is one of the purification in Islam. When should this purification should be applied by a muslim? As mentioned in a lot of fiqh book, it is recommended to use siwaak when:

Reciting al-Quran and Al-Hadith
When mouth emits an odor
Learning or teaching the virtues of Islam
Chanting zikrullah (remembrance of Allah)
Entering ones home or any good gathering
Experiencing pangs of hunger and thirst
For the dead person
At sahoor time
Before and after have meals and journey as well as asleep


Since siwaak has it own advantages, we have to apply it in our daily life in order to follow the sunnah of Rasulullah (pbuh) as siwak will complete our ablution and purification to perform the prayer.


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