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The Islamic Way of Life


The fact of the matter is that each and every thing in this world belongs to Allah. He is the real owner of them all. As such, man's life and riches which are part of this world, also belong to Him, because it is He who created them and it is He who has assigned them to each man for his use. Therefore, as a Muslim he or she should be obey with all the rules guided by the Islam by follow the Islamic way of life.

Islamic way of life

The Islamic way of life is based on the unique approach established by the Kingdom of God. The chief characteristic of Islam ideology is that it does not admit a conflict, nay, not even a significant separation between like spiritual and life-mundane. It does not confine it self merely to purifying the spiritual and the moral life of man in the limited sense of the word. Its domain extends to the entire gamut of life. It wants to mould individual life as well as the social order in healthy patterns, so that the Kingdom of god may really be established on the earth and so that peace, contentment and well-being may fill the world as waters fill the ocean.

Basic Postulates

There are certain basic postulates which should be understood and appreciated at the very outset. These postulates are as follows :

1) God, who is the Creator, the rules and the Lord of the universe created man and provided him with temporary station in that part of His vast Kingdom which is known as the earth. Man has been given a sort of autonomy while being appointed God's vicegerent on the earth.

2) Man must not think himself totally free and should know that this earth is not his permanent abode. He has been made to live upon it only during the period of his probation and in due course he will return to his Lord, to be judged according to the way he has utilized the period of probation.

3) Allah had knowledge man of the reality and give the code of life by following which he could have a life of success. This code of life was Islam, the attitude of complete submission to Allah, the creator of man and the whole universe.

4) God appointed certain virtuous persons from amongst the people themselves, to discharge the responsibility of recalling and guiding men to the right path during their sojourns on the earth. These men known as prophet (peace be on all of them), were assigned the task of presenting the message of truth to humanity and of asking the people to come to the path of the lord.

Islam concept of life

Iman is the starting point of our religion, consists in the acceptance of this relationship by man's intellect and will and Islam is actual submission, the way of surrender to the will of God in all aspects of life and behavior. This is clear that Islam begins with laying down the proper lines on which man's relationship with the lord is to be reared, his entire individual and social life in an exercise in developing and strengthening this relationship.

Other than Iman, Islam envisages scheme of life. This scheme is known as the Shari'ah. Its sources are the Qur'an and the Sunnah of the prophet (peace be upon him). The main objectives of the Shari'ah is to construct human life on the basis of virtues and to cleanse it of the vices.

Islamic Concept of Life and Morality

Moral sense is inborn in man and though the ages, it has served as the common man's standard of moral behavior, approving certain qualities and disapproving others. The correct course of life for man is to live in complete obedience to him. Man is answerable to God for all his actions in life. The times for rendering an account will be in the life hereafter and not in this world. By following all the Islamic way in life, man will be rewarded by Allah will all the benefits promised.


As a conclusions, a good servant of God in this universe will take the Islamic way as their concept of life. It can be practiced in their daily life through the moral system, Islamic political system, Islamic social, Economic principles of Islam and the spiritual system of Islam.
All these system are integrated in one way of life which is known as Islamic way of life.


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