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The responsibility of a Muslim to another Muslim


All Muslim in this world are brothers as the prophet Muhammad said : "Muslim for other Muslim is brother." This mean every Muslim in this world are brother even though we don’t know each other. Muslims in the east are Muslims in the west are brothers. This is the uniqueness of Islam. We have the silence relationship among Muslims so that we have our own responsibility as other Muslims are our brothers responsibility as other Muslims are our brothers. In that matter, it is a must for us to perform our responsibility to our brothers throughout the world.
Islam requires its adherents to practice tenets that promote brotherhood among all Muslims of all races in the world. The acquisition of such values makes all Muslims brothers.

What makes all Muslims "brothers" to one another?

Islam preaches the institution of world brotherhood of man. It recognizes no barrier to race, language or color. As such, while all Malays may be Muslims, not all Muslims are Malays. There are English Muslims, Indian Muslims and Japanese Muslims. A Chinese or a French or a Negro who is or becomes a Muslim is a brother to another Muslim who may be an Australian or an Indonesian or a Thai.

The principles in the responsibility a Muslim to another Muslim

In order to perform the responsibility of a Muslim to another Muslim, there are principles should be followed by a Muslim.
Some of these principles are :-
1) The belief in the same one and only God called Allah by Muslim of all races in the world.
2) Reading of the same Quran in one language-Arabic.
3) Offering the five obligatory prayers five times a day at the same specified periods.
4) Performing the various movements of the prayer in the same way, and in a congregation, performing them simultaneously together with the Imam.
5) The rich, the poor, the lowly, the famous - all sit side by side and stand shoulder as equals before God during the congregational prayers.
6) Offering the prayers (at home or in the mosque) facing one direction - The Ka'abah in Mecca.
7) Fasting for one month during daylight hours in the month of Ramadhan.
8) Consuming only halal (allowed) food. Muslims would not take pork, for instance, as it is prohibited.
9) Going for the Hajj at least once in Muslim's life-time. This is the culmination of Islamic brotherhood, where Muslims of any status or race in the world converge on Mecca wearing only the pilgrimage garb which has no adornments.
10) Even in death, all Muslims, no matter of what race or status are buried in the same manner with only a white piece of unsown cloth wrapped around the body as a shroud, and lain in the grave without any (fanciful on expensive) coffin.

Responsibility of a Muslim to another Muslim

The prophet Muhammad pay a great attention regarding to responsibility of a Muslim to another Muslim.
Allah's messenger said "It is sufficient for a man to look down upon his brother Muslim, everything of a Muslim is sanctified for another Muslim : His blood and his honor and his property."
"No faith among one of you until he loves his brother like what he loves for himself."
According to the second hadith, the prophet Muhammad ask Muslims to loving their brothers Muslim in order to make a good relationship among Muslims. That mean the first responsibility of a Muslim to another Muslim to love each other. This the main concept asked by Islam.
The prophet Muhammad explained how the faith relationship will tie person with love which is the love to their brother Muslims as they love themselves. This love is tied with the faith. The meaning of love here is love based on the religion relationship not only the human love.
Looking at the first hadith, the prophet Muhammad lay on great attention to the right of Muslims in these main aspects namely blood, honor and property. Prophet Muhammad instructed Muslims to protect other Muslims in their blood, honor and property. These are all the responsibility of a Muslim to another Muslim. A Muslim should protect the another Muslim, blood honor and property.
What should be protect by blood? Muslims should not killing and fighting each other. They should be protecting among them and making a good relationship in this world.
The second one is to protect the honor of Muslim. in this context, a Muslim should protect other Muslim dignity not to making any unashamed thing.
The last thing stated by the prophet is to protect the property of another Muslim. How to protect other Muslim property? A Muslim should be trust themselves not simply taking other Muslim property. This is the beauty of Islam in order to protect the relationship among Muslim. If all Muslims in this world practicing this concept of responsibility, how great this world will be. All people will leave in love, peace and harmony.


Islam is a beauty religion. Islam always as it follower to make relationship among them. Islam line the principles and concepts for Muslims to protect each other Muslims. The main points to perform these responsibilities are to loving each other to protect other blood, honor and property. A Muslim should take this points as guide to him in order to perform the responsibilities to another Muslim.


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